How to Layer for Splitboarding

How to Layer for Splitboarding

This video and blog is a quick rundown of how to layer for splitboarding. For this article, we’re gonna go over what I wear when it’s -14C with a bit of wind.


Only Wear Layers With Zippers

All my layers have zips. So if something did happen, I'm not having to try and reach under my layers to get to my transceiver or take layers off, which would be even worse. I can just quickly unzip things and very quickly access my transceiver.

Splitboarding Base Layer

I have a Merino base layer which is designed just to get sweat away from my body.

Next is a very light down vest, just to keep my core warm. Typically on a normal day that's -10C or warmer I'll pretty much skin just in the base layer in this.

Mid and Outer Layers

Then I've got a long sleeve light down as well. Finally, I have a Gore-Tex shell. Doesn't have to be Gore-Tex in the Rockies -- you can get away with a soft shell. But if you're in a wetter place, Gore-Tex is really nice.


And then in my backpack I carry a heavier down jacket in case it gets really cold or we have an emergency.

How to Layer for Splitboarding Summary

Everything I mentioned above, along with a pair of long underwear and good ski socks will do the trick. This way I can take layers off as need be. It's not like wearing a resort jacket, which is insulated.

We don't want to wear cotton because when it gets wet and you stop, it gets cold. Try to keep it to your Merinos and other better-performing materials like that.

So that's a very quick and dirty version of layering for splitboarding, if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us or visit us in store!

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