Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard Review

Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard Review

The is an initial thoughts review on the Arbor Coda Rocker from Splitboard HQ manager Tom. The following article is his experience after a couple splitboard laps, with some detailed advice to help you decide if this is the best splitboard for you.

Arbor Brand Introduction

arbor coda rocker splitboard base


2021/22 meant some big changes to the standard splitboard lineup from Splitboard HQ. This year we really focused on bringing in all new lines from some of the most trusted brands in snowboarding and making sure we had options from the most eco and budget conscious customer to the absolute tech savvy veteran splitboarder.

The Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard is probably the one board that best covers that full spectrum and was also the board I was most excited to get my hands on this season.

Since day one, Arbor has been focusing on building sustainable snowboards, with a minimum impact on the environment while also giving back via its Returning Roots program. As an eco conscious splitboarder this was a big draw for me and as an added bonus, the Arbor powerplay on the Coda makes for the best looking splitboard I have ever seen.

Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard Initial Impression

arbor coda rocker splitboard profile


To be honest, my hands-on time with the Coda so far this season has been limited. A few good laps on some really fun feature rich terrain with ankle deep soft dry snow has been the extent of my testing so far.

Hopefully with more time on the snow we’ll get to know this board even better, but my initial impression of this board are quite positive.
I’ve been riding the Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard in a 158cm length, and at 5”10 + 160lbs, it’s a pretty good fit but I do feel like I could definitely use a bit more board under my feet.

For someone who loves short boards or spends more of their time in the trees, the 158 would be great, but for me personally I think going a bit longer is going to give the board a more all-mountain feel and better performance at speed and in variable snow conditions.

The 162 W would be my size of choice if you happen to be a similar height/weight to myself. With the long parabolic rocker, this splitboard is extremely easy to ride, so stepping up in length is definitely not going to make for hard turn initiation.

Overall, the Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard is super playful, surfy, and a great board for ripping around in feature rich terrain. It's very easy to turn on demand and floats very well for a more “Big Mountain” shape. There is plenty of side cut for edge hold on less than ideal snow , but it definitely shines in the deep stuff.

Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard Uphill Performance

One of the big question marks for me was going to be around the uphill performance on a full rockered splitboard. Generally, I prefer to have a fair bit of camber underfoot to improve uphill grip and edge hold while side hilling.

In terms of uphill traction, the Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard has done surprisingly well. A bit of bushwacking through the trees on our last day out forced a really steep skin track, and with some G3 Standard traction skins, the Coda did perfectly.

There was very minimal slipping and even on our second lap after the skin track was packed down it still had no issue climbing a rather steep track. The lack of spring underfoot was noticeable with each step, but that did not seem to have much effect on traction.

Overall, I would say this board skins well as long as you size it correctly. Go a bit bigger than you typically would ride.

The one big up side of this board on the skin track is it’s super lightweight! It’s impressively light especially considering the top sheet is made from a wood veneer, and there is no lack of glass. This is where the poplar/bamboo core really shines through. The touring bracket is very well placed and feels well balanced making kick turns a breeze.

Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard Highlights

  • Aesthetically, this board looks better than your buddies’
  • Very fun and playful with a surf inspired ride
  • Ideal board for those who look for a more creative line
  • Not a board for fast hard charging riders
  • Extremely light and agile on the skin track
  • Could lack some traction on the uphill if you prefer to ride on a shorter board
  • Built using recycled materials and sustainably sourced woods while also giving back to forest restoration
  • If between sizes, bigger is better

What the Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard is Best For

The Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard is a lightweight fun forwards all-round mountain board. From my perspective it is designed for:
  • Riders who want to do lots of laps in deep snow, or treed terrain
  • A more playful or freestyle approach to big mountain riding
  • Someone who is newer to the backcountry and looking for a super easy to ride board
  • The environmentally conscious splitboarder
  • Lightweight board without the cost or durability issues of a full carbon splitboard.

What the Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard is Not Good At

  • Riding super fast in steep terrain
  • Not great edge hold on alpine wind slab or variable snow conditions
  • Could lack uphill traction on hardpack or steep side hilling ascents.

Arbor Code Rocker Specifications



SIDECUT tip/center/tail


Rider Weight lbs
















Arbor Coda Rocker Splitboard Summary

arbor coda rocker splitboard top sheet

The top sheet of each Arbor Coda is unique to each individual splitboard.

The season is still early, and I’m really looking forward to more days out on the Arbor Coda. So far it's proven to be very lightweight and surprisingly reliable on the up track, while providing plenty of float and a fun surfy ride on the way down.

For me, it’s most at home in the trees and popping off of the small pillows and side hits on fun featured lines. If you are looking for a well built and beautiful board for multiple laps in fun deep snow, then the Coda is well worth checking out.

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About the Author: Tom Stewart. I grew up learning to ride in the ice filled parks of Ontario in the mid 90’s, but traded in the ice for deep days in the backcountry after moving out west in the early 2000’s. I typically ride a soft boot setup with Deeluxe XVe’s and Karakoram bindings. Big open bowls are not my jam, I always look for the “fun line” while leaving the big open ideal lines for everyone else to enjoy.



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