Niche Fathom Splitboard Review

Niche Fathom Splitboard Review

Hi! I’m David, Splitboard HQ ambassador and splitboarder. This article and video is a gear review of the 2022 Niche Fathom splitboard.

If you haven't heard of Niche, they’re a small company doing some very cool things in the splitboarding industry. They manufacture the world's first zero waste sustainably produced splitboards. I'm really excited to be taking out this new model.

This article will give you a rundown of the company, this snowboard, and its real-world performance.

Overview of the Niche Fathom Splitboard

These boards are actually the only zero waste splitboards currently in production, which is super cool, especially for what is usually a really high waste industry.

The Niche Fathom length goes from 144 to 161cm. You typically want your splitboard to be about 4-7 cm longer than your resort board. Choose the longer end if you're gonna have a pack in the backcountry, as you’ll need some extra float to compensate for the extra weight.

This board is directional, which means you're gonna have a little bit more float in the front than you do in the back. But, you can still carve really well. These boards are also the least expensive that Splitboard HQ carries. They come in at $750, before GST, so are a really great choice to get into splitboarding.


Niche Fathom Camber Profile

According to Niche this splitboard has tapered directional camber with a rocker nose. After riding it for two days, I would say this board rode like a tapered full camber deck.

Expect to feel little to no rocker on this setup, which has its advantages and disadvantages. So you're gonna be able to cut into sidehills a little bit easier, maintain control in steep and thinner snowpack conditions and really carve when you're on the way down. However this feature makes the Niche Fathom less of a powder board.


Sustainable Design

I really like the designs on this board – they have a monochromatic feel. I read on their website that this is intentional to reduce waste. The less dyes they use, the more they can limit waste and harm to the environment.

Niche Fathom Field Test and Performance Rundown

The Niche Fathom splitboard definitely struggles in powder riding. To be 100% clear: in the heavy but very deep snow conditions we saw in Roger's Pass, there was a lot of nose diving. We were getting 20-30cms boot penetration on the uptrack and on the way down, it was a wild struggle to maintain float with this board. It did not perform in heavy powdery conditions.

On the second day of my test I was in Kootenay National Park on a completely different snowpack where it was more “Rocky Mountain Style.” I was only getting about 15 to 20 cm ski penetration on the up track.

The performance was much better in these conditions and the skin-ups were great.


Niche Fathom Splitboard Summary

So two days on the Niche Fathom – one in Roger's pass with some heavy powdery snow and the second day in the Kootenay National Park alpine.

Overall, in the powder snow of Rogers, I found that the nose was really submarining. In the Kootenays, with shallower snow, it rode better.

It definitely rode like a shorter board than what it actually is. I typically ride a 156 - 158 and I would buy the 161 version.

I think this board would be a really great setup for people if they're looking to do alpine mountaineering or are new to splitboarding and want to ride the resort and some backcountry.

This is an awesome transition board. Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

I really like the fact that Niche is pushing the market in trying to create some sustainability and their price point is really good. This board retails at $749 and I think that's a really great deal for this deck!

If you have any questions about the Fathom or any of our splitboarding products, feel free to contact us below or visit us in store!



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