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The Spark R&D Surge ST Pro Bindings is the lightest and highest performing splitboard bindings in the world - made with incredible attention to detail and no compromises. The Spark R&D Surge ST Pro Bindings is available in Canada through AQ Outdoors and Splitboard HQ. 


Spark ST Splitboard Binding Review and Upgrades



Spark ST vs Spark ST Pro Splitboard Bindings



Hey Tom from Splitboard HQ with a quick comparison between the Spark ST and Spark ST Pro splitboard bindings.

In both the Arc and the Surge splitboard bindings, you have the option of doing a standard binding, which is super reliable but comes in a little bit lower price point, or the Pro model binding, which is all about shaving weight. Looking at the Pro model, they do this in both the Arc and Surge and all the changes are more or less the same.


Heel Loop

First thing you'll notice is a difference in materials. The base plate remains the same, but the heel loop, they've gone with a higher grade aluminum. It's a higher strength, which allows them to really thin it out and create a thinner heel loop overall. Again, saving weight.



The other really noticeable thing is the different colored hardware.

They've gone to all aluminum hardware. It's pretty amazing when you pick up the bag of hardware, it feels incredibly light.

It's certainly counting grams, but you do notice the weight savings when you're comparing the standard stainless steel hardware versus the aluminum stuff. It's a noticeable weight savings.


Touring Bracket 

One of the other small things they've done, again in the name of weight savings, is recessing out the stainless steel pins for your touring bracket. So they've recessed those all the way through. Again, saving a few grams here and there.



The other big one is more carbon fibre in the nylon blend for their highback. So a little bit stiffer feel, but a little bit more durable and a bit of weight savings there.



The other big change you're gonna see is in the ankle toe adjuster straps and ladder straps. This is all done in Pex.

PEX is really well known in the ski boot world. It's one of the materials that almost all ski touring boots are made out of. It's extremely lightweight, malleable, and does really well in cold temperatures. So I think with these upgrades, you're not just saving weight, you're probably also improving the durability in cold temperatures.


Spark ST vs Spark ST Pro Splitboard Bindings Summary

So that's it for the Pro model. You're gonna see the same changes in both the Surge and the Arc binding. Again, the Pro model is all about weight savings.

You're gonna see maybe some slight improvements in the durability with the straps and highback, but for the most part, Spark’s just gone all out on saving you weight. And the more weight you can save on your feet, the better. 

If you have any further questions, or want to check out the Spark ST Pro splitboarding bindings for yourself, please contact us or visit us in store!

Whats Included

Splitboad bindings, ST Brackets, T1 Heel Rests, aluminum mounting screws, and Spark Pocket Tool.


Weight: 1.36 lbs/ea (620g) - 2.73 lbs/pr (1240g) – Medium