Deeluxe Spark XV Splitboard Boot

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Do I Need Specific Boots for Splitboarding?

Detailed Splitboard Boot Features


The Deeluxe Spark XV Splitboard Boot is built for the rigours of splitboarding. This model is ridden by and continually updated by Deeluxe team athlete Xavier de Le Rue. this legendary boot offers exceptional support, lively board feel, and precise control for hiking, skinning, and riding. And although the Spark XV is designed to handle the most extreme conditions in the backcountry, it excels in any terrain. The Deeluxe Spark XV Splitboard Boot is ideal for all levels of splitboarders that spend lots of days on their splitboard each season.

  • L3:  Armed with two clasps and two handles, this design creates two separate lacing zones—one cradles the foot and calf while the other locks down the ankle and heel.
    Thanks to these separate zones, the boot securely anchors your heel for a refined fit that enhances energy transmission.
  • Stage 4 Liner: this premium liner delivers an unprecedented out-of-the-box fit. With a precisely tailored anatomical design and a refined heel pocket, the liner hugs the contours of your foot while maximizing performance. An external heel harness further cradles your foot while providing exceptional heel hold, as well as quick and secure lacing. For additional comfort, the Stage 4 liner sports a roomier toebox with a four-way stretch material. The freshly-designed back panel further enhances the liner’s fit while optimizing support. And for an unsurpassed custom fit, the liner can be thermofitted—with or without toe caps.
  • Freeride Tongue: DEELUXE’s Freeride Tongue is a smooth operator. Especially plush, it maximizes comfort and cushioning while also enhancing durability. At home exploring the entire mountain, it loves to lay down turns that are especially smooth. And for a truly custom ride, the Freeride Tongue sports a three-position pocket that can accommodate an optional Flex Booster. This enables you to personalize the flex of your boot and tailor it to be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. 
  • Flexrate: 7/10
  • Flex Booter: Available as an accessory, the Flex Booster strengthens a boot’s tongue, creating a stiffer flex while offering additional support. It can also prolong the life of a boot by restoring or enhancing its flex. Thanks to a progressive design, it provides greater resistance as it bends, optimizing support and protection—especially from harsh landings.
  • Back Welt: The plastic backwelt features a grooved heel for rocking semiautomatic crampons
  • Vibram Eastridge Sole: No matter the adventure, you can depend on the Vibram Eastridge sole. With an emphasis on traction and durability, it excels whether you’re hiking, skinning, or riding. Its proven Vibram ICETREK rubber compound is specifically engineered to endure very low temperatures and provide superior grip on cold and icy surfaces. Special climbing zones in the toe and heel area offer additional traction to make ascents safer and easier. And thanks to lugs with a self-cleaning design, the sole readily sheds snow, dirt, and rocks. Get ready to explore with the Vibram Eastridge sole.
  • Rock Guard: This layer of rubber wraps around the toebox and sides of the boot, maximizing durability by providing protection from rocks and ice.
  • D-Tex Waterproof Membrane: Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.
  • XLS Stride: For enhanced comfort and longer strides when skinning, this system extends the range of motion available at the rear of the boot. Simply put, it helps you get up the mountain faster–and with less effort.
  • Custom Flex: Thanks to two separate flex zones at the ankle, this design provides complete control of the boot‘s flex and ensures your heel stays locked in place.