Intro to Splitboarding

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NOTE: If booking multiple people on the course, simply fill out one booking, then, once that is added to cart you will return to this page again and you can register subsequent participants

Join Splitboard HQ on an Introduction to Splitboarding course! The dream of endless powder is something all snowboarders can relate too, however, we have seen many people with little to no instruction have horrible first days out on splitboards and it puts them off for good.

Splitboards can be a bit tricky, but with some expert guidance and direction you can easily create a repeatble process to make them an effective travel tool for the backcountry.

This program will introduce particpants to how to use a splitboard, efficient travel techniques, some basic avalanche safety (not a replacement for AST 1 courses), how to transition like a pro and tips and tricks on riding powder in the rockies.

Note: The Intro to Splitboarding course is focused around how to be an efficient splitboarder. There will be turns during this program, however, it is more focused on the effective and efficient use of a splitboard as a backcountry travel tool. A great option to do before a guided day or AST 1 course.

Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisites: Intermediate Snowboard or Ski ability (Able to run BLUE at resorts). Average level of fitness, keeness to learn how to be effective on a splitboard.
Locations: Exact locations, plans and objectives will be dictated by conditions and avalanche hazard.