Northwave Domain CR Splitboard Boot

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Do I Need Specific Boots for Splitboarding?

Detailed Splitboard Boot Features


The Northwave Domain CR Splitboard Boot is designed with technical, high performance splitboarding adventures in mind. We have seen lots of splitboard boots over the years and these are truly unique. A must have for those looking at using soft boots and going on long, technical adventures in the mountains. The Northwave Domain CR Splitboard Boot is truly designed for adventurous splitboarders seeking the best in riding and the best in climbing.


Crampons Comp
The new freeride dedicated CR soles are made in collaboration with Vibram to provide superior grip and stability while hiking to allow riders to traverse frozen slopes and gnarly ascents while mountaineering. Front and rear crampon compatibility make these soles unique for extremely technical and difficult hikes.

Superlace Closure System
A Speed Lacing System that allows the closure of two different boot areas, the quarter part and the collar part, in order to allow you to select the perfect feeling on each part and improve comfort and foot stability. Your boot will be closed quickly and will stay tight and perform all day

  • 1. The Super Lace System has a lace (blue) to close the lower part of the boot and one (red) to close the top.
  • 2. Step one, lower the two levers on the front.
  • 3. Open the boot with both hands.
  • 4. Slide into the boot, tighten the inner shoe by pulling his shoelace and by lowering the closure device.
  • 5. Raise both levers in position stand by.
  • 6. Pull the BLACK handle to tighten the lower part of the boot.
  • 7. Pull the RED handle to tighten the upper part of the boot.
  • 8. Return levers in the vertical position.

We made our well-known 540 heel retention system last forever, based on the same concept but now working internally. The boot laces are passing through brand new “Super Light” eye loops, which are 25% lighter and 30% smaller than the previous ones while they keep the same performance, minimizing the friction thanks to their pulleys. This mechanism is a result of lace webbing directly linked to the tongue, the more you pull the lower lace the more you tighten the tongue to your ankle, sticking your heel to the boot with an increased retention and foot stability.

TF3 Liners

  • Thermo-Fit Foam
  • Malleable fit areas with injected memory
  • Velcro Power Strap
  • Exclusive tongue side-cut
  • Passa lacci posizionati ai limiti della tomaia
  • Fluid Flex
  • Same comfort, more supportive
  • Contour cushion footbed
Contour Cushion
 The new insole Contour cushion consists of two EVA: one green and one black. The green part, more rigid, maintains the stability of your foot, the black part absorbs the strongest impacts.


  • Sizes: 240-305
  • Superlace closure system
  • CAB5 heel retention
  • Full automatic crampon Vibram outsole
  • TPR reinforcements
  • TF3 liner
  • FLEX RATE 9/10