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When two local Calgary Mechanical Engineering students popped by our shop a couple seasons ago with their first production run of skis and boards, we were super impressed with what we saw. Top notch construction and premium materials throughout, their original Green Splitboard was definitely on par with other top tier all mountain splits. We gave them a couple years to let the guys at paradise prove their concept and work out any kinks, and we are now super stoked to bring in the new Flamingo Splitboard for the 22/23 season!

The FLAMINGO SPLIT is an all-mountain directional hybrid-cambered twin using their lightweight poplar, paulownia, and bamboo, tour core and carbon stringers. Held together with premium lightweight Phantom Hercules clips, full wrap extra thick metal edges, and a anti-ice up topsheet, the Flamingo is the ideal blend for a lightweight yet durable, playful all mountain split.  


Paradise Flamingo Splitboard Review



Hey everybody, it's David from Splitboard HQ. Today I'm chatting about the Paradise Flamingo Splitboard.


Paradise Flamingo Technical Specs

This board comes with a feather-light split core, which is made of poplar and bamboo, which gives the board a very lightweight feel, but still stiff enough – with carbon technology – to create a balance of strength, snap and dampening.

The profile on this splitboard is basically a full cam deck. It comes with phantom Hercules hooks and tail clips, a centered base and an anti-ice top sheet. They combine all of this with the unique Paradise branding and design, which makes for a very beautiful product.


Paradise Flamingo Splitboard Pros

After two days of riding on the Paradise Flamingo, I have definitely had a really good time on this splitboard.

Things that I really like the most are the Phantom Hercules fasteners for their tips and tails. I find they give a clean connection for riding. I'm a really big fan of the Phantom Hercules clips and I'm happy they're putting that on their product.

This splitboard, I would say, performed incredibly well in trees and slick snow and icy conditions where I absolutely needed to be able to catch an edge. It was really nimble and fun in those spaces.


Paradise Flamingo Splitboard Cons

The places where I would say that it lacked would be ridig in powder. I found even with setting my bindings to the absolute backseat as far as they can go, I just felt like I did not have enough nose to be able to lean back in powder. The nose would constantly dive down and pull me into it.

I would say this board, in any heavier snow pack where it's powdery or coastal snow conditions, it's going to be a difficult board in the length that they recommend based on their size guide. 

Their size guide recommended me a 155, but if I was to purchase this board, I would purchase a 161. 

It's incredibly lightweight. I found it unusually easy on the legs on the skin tour up track. It felt like there was almost nothing on my feet. I think that is especially useful in a situation where you're doing a multi-day trip.

One of the things I think is probably one of the best features on this board is their anti-ice top sheet. This board almost never had anything on the top sheet. Again, on multi-day tours or more alpine style missions, that's gonna save you a lot of leg fatigue.

And one of the things that I liked the most about this board is that it’s purpose-driven for somebody who's getting into splitboarding, where they want to be able to bump out into the slack country and also use this as just an everyday banger.



I think this is a great deck, but if you want to go hunt pow either buy this board longer than you normally would, or mix this in with quiver that also includes a more fish/surfer style deck. For alpine style missions, tours, slack country, this board is gonna perform incredibly well.


Paradise Flamingo Splitboard Review Summary 

Overall,  I'm gonna give this board a 3.5 out of 5.

I think where Paradise has some room to improve is giving it a little bit more flotation in the nose to get that more surfy feel. But overall, I really like this deck.

I like what they did with the decal and the really bright logos. I think it really stands out. It's a great looking board and it performs really well. If you have any questions about this, or our other splitboards, please feel free to contact us or visit us in store!



The core integrates poplar, paulownia, and bamboo; combining the best properties of each material into the splitboard. The result, A lightweight core that's stiff enough to tackle any conditions you'll encounter in the backcountry.

Strategically placed carbon stringers combined with a mix of tri-axial fibreglass create the perfect balance of strength and dampening.

The hardest edge material out there! These extra thick edges hold strong on hardpack and protect your skis when you need it most.

Strong like Hercules! These hooks, when combined with the spinner tip clips, ensure a movement-free connection while riding, letting you shred with confidence.

The thickest and toughest topsheets on the market! Designed for impact resistance, the textured topsheet sheds ice and snow keeping your board feeling


The Flamingo Split
Length 149cm 155cm 161cm
Dimensions 287-248-287mm 300-255-300mm 306-260-306mm
Radius 7.3m 7.7m 7.8m
Weight 3,085g 3,175g 3,265g
Effective Edge 1,124mm 1,192mm 1,218mm
Camber 6mm 7.7mm 9mm
Tip/Tail Length 185mm 186mm 191mm
Tail/Tail Height 185mm 186mm 191mm