Rockies Guided Backcountry Day

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Join Splitboard HQ on a guided backcountry splitboarding/skiing in the Rockies. These days are set up as objective-based outings with a large element of education built into the day.  An ideal way to get out and see/experience more committing terrain under the guidance and leadership of our fully certified ACMG ski/board guides. New for the 2022/23 season, we will be offering GREEN, BLUE and BLACK outings so you can choose your adventure depending on the amount of vertical you're up for:

  • GREEN: 400-700 metres of elevation gain
  • BLUE: 700-1000 metres of elevation gain
  • BLACK: 1000-1500+ metres of elevation gain

The day programs we have setup for this year are centered around Lake Louise with objectives being dependent on conditions.

The final locations will be subject to current snow and avalanche conditions, all of this will be outlined and verbalized in the pre-trip briefing.  Guided riding and skiing is a great way to get into the mountains, learn from professionals and get in some great climbing and riding.


Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisites: Snowboard or ski ability appropriate for the difficulty (see description). Good level of fitness, ability to comfortably tour at a mellow pace for 4 - 6 hours
Locations: Exact locations, plans and objectives will be dictated by conditions and avalanche hazard