Voile Hoback DM Mini Avalanche Shovel

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Press the pin, twist the handle. Deploying the hoe function on the new Voilé Hoback DM Mini-Series Avalanche Shovels is that simple — and by “simple” we mean fast. You don’t have time to fuss over your equipment, least of all during an avalanche rescue. The Voilé Hoback DM Mini-Series Avalanche Shovels are uniquely built to handle ice and debris, with features that will be appreciated on even your most whimsical outings.


Part Number 421-DM
Weight(lbs/kg) 1lb 11oz / 769g
Length 26.9in / 68.2cm
Extended 32.6in / 82.8cm
Handle only 20in / 50.9cm
Scoop only (LxW) 10 x 9.7in / 25.4 x 24.7cm
Scoop Material 6061-T6 Tempered
Benefits/Uses Rapidly-deployed Hoe Function, Professional's Choice, Strongest