Ski Touring and Splitboarding Around Lake Louise

Ski Touring and Splitboarding Around Lake Louise

The Lake Louise ski touring and splitboarding region includes the backcountry accessed from Lake Louise Ski resort and terrain accessed from the Chateau Lake Louise parking lot (across the valley from the resort).

I personally have very little experience splitboarding directly off the Lake Louise resort. The little I have done has largely been characterized by alpine riding in a variable depth snowpack. I cannot include too much more detail than that. There is, however, plenty of information to be found online in regards to the Lake Louise.

On the other hand, I have spent a lot of time touring and splitboarding out of the Chateau Lake Louise zone. This area is the home of many big mountain splitboard mountaineering objectives that are best left to the very experienced and highly motivated split or ski touring crew. There are a bunch of classics for us mere mortals too though.

Mt Fairview, Surprise Pass and that area are always favorites. There are also plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore when ski touring Lake Louise.



Still very much a thin rockies snowpack but as you get closer to the divide snow volumes tend to increase a bit. The valley bottom is usually pretty thin all winter, though snow depth increases quickly here with gains in elevation, especially in more protected zones.


Lower traffic than you would expect (in my experience), again, I have spent very little time in the resort backcountry so cannot comment with any authority on that. The Chateau lake Louise zone sees a bunch of traffic on Surprise Pass and other popular zones, but it is usually pretty easy to get away from the crowds.

Drive Time From Calgary

90 mins - 105 mins

Popular Areas

Surprise Pass

Best for being well known and great terrain. Often skied out.

Mt Fairview 

Best for a relatively easy summit in stable avy conditions and clear weather

Wolverine Ridge

Best for accessing from Lake Louise Ski Area


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