Ski Touring and Splitboarding Highway 93 North

Ski Touring and Splitboarding Highway 93 North

Splitboarding on Highway 93 North is certainly one of the better zones to find snow for ski touring in the Rockies. Located north of Lake Louise, this region (Hwy 93N/Hwy 1 Junction to Saskatchewan River Crossing) sees more snow than the other splitboarding regions around Calgary. It is also the main access point to the ultra impressive Wapta Icefields, a spectacular environment with endless multi day adventure options.

Highway 93 North is not just home to big icefield trip options -- there’s everything from gladed riding, easy access to the alpine, mellow beginner options, valley bottom tours, couloirs and circuits. Options abound in this mountainous and easily accessible ski touring zone.

Access to the alpine is quick and easy in many zones and this is one of the greatest appeals of Highway 93 North. There are, however, plenty of shorter gladed runs for when visibility or avalanche hazard is not cooperating.



Highway 93 North tends to receive more snow than other regions listed. The region's proximity to the continental divide and being on the leeward side of the Wapta Icefields means it sees its fair share of big snow days and a steady trickle of snowfall throughout a normal season.

The balance of light and dry snow, along with a good volume makes this area super popular with those seeking amazing powder snow and insane views.


As resorts get more popular and expensive, the backcountry is seeing much more traffic. Weekends on 93 North are very busy and often to get splitboard riding to yourself you will have to travel a fair way by foot.

Weekdays are still super mellow as far as crowds go. In saying that, as you learn the area it is possible to find quiet areas on busier days and, it typically snows enough in the region to consistently fill in the weekend ski and splitboard touring tracks.

Drive Time From Calgary

90 mins - 120 mins

Popular Areas

Bow Summit

Popular early season and beginner zone. Still possible to get into serious avalanche terrain though

Mt Hector

An amazing peak that requires glacier travel skills. Splitboard friendly as it is largely up from the parking lot, minimal low angle travel.

Crowfoot Glades

Popular tree skiing/riding that receives a lot of snow.

Dolomite Traverse

A fun and incredibly beautiful skit and splitboard traverse from Helen Lake trailhead to Mosquito Creek.


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