Ski Touring and Splitboarding Kicking Horse Pass / Yoho

Ski Touring and Splitboarding Kicking Horse Pass / Yoho

For the purposes of this article, this ski touring and splitboarding Yoho / Kicking Horse region extends from West Louise Lodge on the Trans Canada to Field, BC. All the areas stretching north and south from that stretch of Highway are what this zone is referencing.

Splitboarding in Yoho and Kicking Horse Pass is diverse and wide ranging. From big alpine style days in areas like Mt Field, to the tree riding of Narao glades, from the bowls, chutes and varied terrain of Sherbrooke Lake to the ever popular Emerald Lake Avalanche Path, this region is as large as it is varied and holds a lifetime of backcountry adventures.

There are also multiple access points to the icefields from this region and some incredible traverses and circuits to explore.



The Yoho / Kicking Horse Pass Ski Touring Regions receive a good amount of snowfall for the rockies. Typically not as much as 93 North, though as you get deeper into the mountains to the north this statement becomes less true.

Similar to 93 North, you have the benefit of light and dry snow, with a good amount of volume. One thing to note however is the trailheads in this area tend to be much lower than 93 north so it tends to be a lot thinner at trailheads than 93 North.


This is highly dependent on the day of the week and where you go ski touring and splitboarding in Yoho / Kicking Horse. Locations like Emerald Lake Slide Path, Sherbrooke Lake and Narao Glades tend to see a fair amount of traffic. This zone is so big though that with some research and a sense of adventure you can almost always get away from the masses.

Drive Time From Calgary

90 mins - 120 mins

Popular Areas

Mt Field

An amazing alpine adventure. Best kept for mid to late season to prevent low elevation bushwhacking

Emerald Lake Slide Path

A immensely popular, easily accessible powder riding zone

Narao Glades

Fun tree skiing located near the Lake Ohara Trailhead

Sherbrooke Lake

A wildly varied zone with lots of different riding options



Splitboard HQ Contact

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