Learning to Splitboard

Learning to splitboard -- what does it look like?! 

Join Simon -- a seasoned splitboarder and AST instructor, and Matt -- a new splitboarder, as they head out to the mountains for the first steps.

Splitboarding gets you away from the crowds, the expensive lift tickets, and straight to untouched powder! If you're interested in this sport, this is an honest look at what you can expect for your first few days out in the backcountry.

In these videos, Matt is a snowboarder looking to try splitboarding. Sound like you?! Then check out the series, related content, industry-leading courses, and browse our gear collections!

And if you have any questions about splitboarding, feel free to visit us in store or contact us below.

Learning to Splitboard Day One

This episode features Matt's first ever day out splitboarding.


Learning to Splitboard Day Two

In this episode, the team tackles some steeper terrain and Simon goes over core climbing techniques.


Learning to Splitboard Day Three 

Simon demonstrates important avalanche safety and backcountry skills in this video.


Learning to Splitboard Day Four

The focus of this episode is how to dress and prepare for extreme cold conditions.

Learning to Splitboard Day 5

In this episode, the AQ Splitboard crew has to choose their terrain carefully due to challenging snow conditions.

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